Khalid Bichou 

Internationally recognised port, maritime, and transport logistics expert with advanced qualifications and over 27 years of international experience including periods in executive positions and as Consultant and Adviser to global operators and service providers, IFIs and investment banks, legal and insurance firms, Governments and public authorities, and multilateral development agencies.

Following 18 years of formal career which has included periods as transport economist in a global shipping line, transport investment analyst in a leading investment bank, chief of transport investment section in a governmental agency, strategy and business development manager in two Nordic ports, director of a ports and maritime administration, port logistics specialist in a global development bank, and transport logistics expert in an UN agency, he has operated for the past 10 years as an Independent Consultant. He has been involved in around 150 consulting projects and advisory services in over 100 countries. He has also been active in professional training and capacity building and has designed & delivered over 100 workshops for the ports, maritime and transport industries.

In parallel with his consulting and advisory work, Dr Bichou has a strong interest in academic research & teaching. He is the co-founder of and adviser to PORTeC at Imperial College London and more recently the Global Port Research Alliance (GPRA) between 9 leading international universities: Imperial College, MIT, NUS, University of Hamburg, Hong Kong Poly U, University of Sydney, University of Sao Paulo, TU Delft. He holds visiting professorship and teaching positions at several prestigious universities, where he has been teaching subject courses to masters and research students, supervised over 25 PhD and 120 master students. He has published 6 books and over 150 academic papers and policy reports.

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